When You Should Replace Your Windows

May 6, 2013  |  Hanksters News

When you are thinking about home-improvement ideas consider replacing your windows.Old Window on brick wall This can be a smart investment.

Vinyl windows offer better energy efficiency which helps maintain consistent temperatures inside your home. Vinyl frames have welded corners, which make it air tight and prevent elements such as water and dust from leaking into your home.

That also translates into savings for you.  Vinyl offers the best protection against air and noise infiltration, which means a more comfortable and peaceful living environment. New Window on brick wallVinyl maintains its new look over time, eliminating fading and repainting.

Save money by selecting energy efficient windows and doors that will also increase your home’s value and provide countless other benefits including better safety and security, greater curb appeal, and a more comfortable home.

If you’re not sure about replacing your windows, there a few things to take into consideration in making your decision. Consider replacements if
•    Opening or closing your windows is difficult or if you are not able to at all
•    Your home feels overly warm in the summer and drafty in cold weather
•    Your utility bills such as heating and cooling bills are unusually high and have been steadily increasing
•    Your  existing windows or doors look old, dated or faded
•    Your window’s operating hardware needs replacing or repair