“The whole experience..has been very positive”

July 12, 2010  |  Client Showcase

In July of 2009 my husband I met with Jay, the salesman for Hankster’s. He was one of the few that had returned our phone calls asking to meet for an estimate from the numerous companies we had contacted. Mannerly, professional, and  – also on time, he went over all of our questions and concerns. The measurements were taken and a contract was drawn up.

We were encouraged to voice any concerns or have any questions about the process of the materials themselves answered, if we were unsure or even curious. Before leaving Jay gave us a date for September. Hopeful, but, yet consumer skeptical we waited and true to their word in September the crew was walking around my house setting up their game plan.

There were no breaks until the job was done. That was a full insulation wrap, siding, doors and windows. We have a 100 year old 2 story farm house that in any room, especially the kitchen, the drafts could blow a match out. After Hankster’s came and totally transformed the look of the house and how the house stands up to the elements, several things had changed as well. The house doesn’t even look like the original. It looks bigger, cleaner, and straighter.

My sister came to visit after the reno was complete and she nearly drove past us because of the transformation. We have a trucking company down the road from us and when the trucks would go by it was as if they were going through the living room. Now we don’t even hear them. Our heating has been significantly cut. We noticed huge savings in just a couple of months.

The whole experience dealing with Hankster’s has been very positive. We were encouraged to look for defects to check out the workmanship and give our opinion.

After everything was said and done, Hank told us to phone if we found anything that was originally overlooked. His words – “we are human too”. We haven’t found anything, but positive benefits and we are so happy we went with Hankster’s.

Colleen Beaudin

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