Awning Windows

Picking the right product for the job is important.  Awning windows still offer a number of benefits for homeowners and business alike.

Most modern buildings have double hung windows but you will still see awning windows on industrial buildings and on residential basements. Awning windows are perfect for enclosed porches and for use in many older homes.

Sometimes used  as upper story windows on modern homes, the angled construction allows fresh air to enter while blocking wind or rain.  Awning windows are also ideal above a door or below a double hung window.

Awning windows offer a number of benefits:

* Projecting sash deflects the elements
* Full inside removable screen for maximum venting
* Triple white co-extruded seal for added insulation value
* Crank handle and premium lever lock
* Sashes are recessed for optimum energy efficiency

If you’re not sure if an awning window is right for your home. Let us give you our opinion.

Awning Window


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