It’s just a window, right? Why do we find the right choice so difficult?

The world of windows can be complex. At Hankster’s, we want to help you make the right choice and we can’t do that until we hear what you are looking for first. We are dedicated to helping you understand what products we offer and why we are recommending them to you.

We know that vinyl windows offer better energy efficiency which helps maintain consistent temperatures inside your home. Vinyl frames have welded corners, which make it air tight and prevent elements such as water and dust from leaking into your home. That also translates into savings for you.  Vinyl offers the best protection against air and noise infiltration, which means a more comfortable and peaceful living environment. Vinyl maintains its new look over time, eliminating fading and repainting. Most of our products are available in white, cream (ivory), or brown. Our windows are manufactured based on your specifications in order to meet your criteria.

Your choice of a vinyl window goes a long way toward determining the longevity and energy of the total window system. Wood windows possess excellent thermal qualities but are prone to weather deterioration and require painting at regular intervals.

The best performing vinyl window systems have multi-chambered frames with welded corners.

Whether you’re looking for a bay or bow window, single and double hung tilt windows or single and double slider tilt windows, let us advise you on the best fit for your home.

Awning windows and special shapes offer a touch of distinction. You’re only limited by your imagination with Hankster’s.



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