Siding, Soffits, Fascia & Eavestroughs

It can get pretty confusing. There are dozens of manufacturers who offer products that are similar in appearance and price. We’ve aligned ourselves with Mitten vinyl siding. There’s a good reason why Mitten stands out. They are in the business of vinyl siding. Period. They deliver quality product – every time. That takes the worry off us to deliver you the right siding and the worry off you to try to figure out who the best might be for your needs.

Both beautiful and affordable, Mitten vinyl siding is warranted to perform for a lifetime. Engineered for durability, it resists scratching and denting. And because colour is manufactured right into the panels, they won’t blister like painted surfaces— keeping maintenance to a minimum.  Available in a broad selection of colours and profiles, vinyl siding offers a distinctive look that’s virtually maintenance-free.

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If its soffit and fascia you’re thinking about let us help you make the decision. We carry aluminum soffit and fascia. Vented soffit circulates air and can help improve a home’s energy efficiency. Solid soffit adds an attractive finishing touch when ventilation isn’t needed. Available in a range of colours. Our aluminum eaves trough is seamless.

Soffit & Fascia


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