Be An Informed Consumer

Purchasing replacement windows, doors or siding should be treated as an investment. You wouldn’t invest in the stock market without being informed about the choices you are making with your money. That same concept applies to any home improvements.

At Hankster’s we believe doing your research before you choose where you will invest your home renovation dollars is the smart thing to do.

Here are some responsible investment pointers:

•    To assure you of a qualified contractor, the contractor should be licensed for the municipality that he/she works in.
•    Find out whether or not the  company’s installers are employees or subcontractors.
(Subcontractors are required to have their own WSIB clearance certificate and liability insurance)
If the subcontractor does not have these items, you as a homeowner can be sued in case of an accident.
•    The company should be able to provide you with a WSIB clearance certificate and proof of liability insurance.
•    The company should be well equipped and properly trained to provide their services.
•    Make sure you feel comfortable that the contractor will treat your home like it was their own home.
•    You shouldn’t have to provide more than a 25% deposit towards any work being done on your home.

Of course, we welcome any questions or concerns you  may have.  An informed consumer is a happy customer and a happy customer is our best way to advertise!

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